To book an appointment, please complete the booking form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  If you’ve never had a Healing session, I can go through what the treatment covers, but basically it’s quite simple.  Just turn up and relax…

Treatments typically last about 50 minutes.  For your first session, I’ll also include some time to go through the treatment itself and what you may need to do at home to support this.  It’s recommended that you book 3-4 treatments to ensure maximum effect, even though some people may feel partially or even completely relieved from their symptoms immediately after their first session.  Each person’s rate of recovery will depend on the duration of the condition, complexity and severity.

I’m based in Maidenhead but can travel in and around the surrounding areas.  We can discuss any travel arrangements, if required depending on your location.  I also offer a distant healing service which is just as effective as having a healing in person.  I do prefer to see you for the first treatment (and subsequent treatments, as desired), especially if this is your first experience receiving an energy healing session.   Many of my clients are based in my home town (Toronto, Canada) and have been very pleased with the results of their treatments.

If you need any further information from me regarding treatments, what to expect, or anything else you’d like to ask, please let me know and I’ll more than happily discuss this with you prior to your booking.

Allison x

Please leave me a few details about what you're seeking treatment for.