Case Study: Stress and Skin – Growth on Leg (contains graphic images)

My 11-year old son has had a skin growth on his lower right thigh for at least a year or two. I don’t remember it actually forming, but when I noticed it, I thought nothing of it as it didn’t itch, hurt or bother him at all. It was also smooth (unlike the photo) and resembled something more of a wart that didn’t change in size from when I first saw it.

On December 5th, 2020, I did a Pranic Healing treatment on him as I noticed he was getting anxious with upcoming exams. My treatment included Psychotherapy for his emotions, as well as a full immune system boost, cleansing his blood and organs. I then proceeded to do another treatment on him the following week (Dec 13th) and decided that I would continue with regular weekly treatments for him. With all of my clients and work, I hadn’t been treating my children at all, and so thought this would be a good opportunity to start and see if I could notice any differences.

 On December 27th, this is when I noticed that the ‘bump’ on his leg looked different then before (see photo). As mentioned previously, it had always been smooth and so when I caught a glimpse of it, I stopped to check and also

noticed some smaller bumps spread out over his upper thigh. I immediately thought of a treatment I had done for my other son two years ago, for Molluscum Contagiosum. (see case study). Although the larger bump had been there for the past year or two, these smaller bumps were new and presumably unrelated.

With the sudden change in the larger bump, I wondered if the treatments I had done in the previous weeks had caused this. In the similar treatment two years ago, as I treatment the raised bumps, they started to dry out and shrivel up quite quickly, just like this mole was doing. And so the next day, I continued his treatments with Psychotherapy for his emotions, including the immune system boost, and added on a treatment to specifically address the bump itself).

The next treatment was five days later on January 2nd, where I only treated the bump itself. Then on January 3rd, I completed a full psychotherapy session along with the immune system boost, and continued to treat the bump. The changes were quite noticeable during these days (and these were only take a day apart).

By January 3rd, the bump had scabbed over and looked relatively flat compared to the original bump (which was originally approximately 8mm wide and 3mm high). The next session was then on January 9th for a full treatment, and the bump is continuing to heal. 

When you think about this, many people get skin issues when they are stressed. In fact, it’s not only skin issues that arise, but stress can also physicalise in many forms on an individual. For example, when your body is stressed, your muscles will tense up – over a period of time this can cause tension headaches, neck and back ache and other musculoskeletal conditions. In addition, some people also have their breathing affected, gastrointestinal issues and much more. In terms of skin, stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it harder for skin problems to heal (

In terms of my son, although his ‘bump’ wasn’t anything that bothered him and wasn’t something to be concerned over from a medical risk perspective, this was his body’s sign that there was an accumulation of prolonged stress levels within him, and this was physicalising as a ‘bump’ on his skin, with subsequent smaller bumps that only recently formed. By treating him with Pranic Healing Psychotherapy, this was removing much of the negative emotions (such as stress, but also others were removed) which then started affecting the growth and accelerated his body’s natural healing process. If the treatment was just for the physical bump itself without the psychotherapy, there still would have been changes to his skin, however, without removing the underlying emotions that had caused this in the first place, it would likely return at some point in the future. It is therefore necessary to not only treat the individual with the appropriate protocols associated with the condition, but also to provide tools and techniques to maintain a healthy mindset that will prevent conditions from arising at the source. 

Luckily, I am a Pranic Healer and I’m equipped with these tools and techniques that I can pass onto my children. But you, too, can learn these simple tools that can help to maintain a positive mindset. These can include breathing exercises, guided meditation and many more teachings that will provide a lifetime of benefit to your health – physically, emotionally and mentally. Taking the two-day Level 1 Pranic Healing course already equips you with many of the tools required to treat yourself and your loved ones. Or by seeking treatment from a reputable Pranic Healer, you can also gain some invaluable advice for the maintenance of the condition you are getting help with. 

 Case study to be continued….

It’s Saturday, January 16th and I just completed a full Psychotherapy treatment, as well as cleansing of the blood and organs. I’m very pleased with the changes, as pictured below. The previous bump that was 8mm in diameter and 3mm raised is now completely flat and there is no sign of anything aside from the dry skin. I will also keep an eye out for the smaller bumps around his leg area, but these seem to be less prominent as well. Even when I scan him before treatment, his chakras seem quite balanced and I don’t feel the negative emotions that previously were sitting within him. The key now is to arm him with the techniques to maintain, handle and express his feelings as they come up and encourage him to talk more about things that bother him.

January 13th


In summary, my son had a mole/raised bump/wart on his leg that has been there for maybe a year or even two years. Nothing changed over that period and it was something that I thought he would have for his entire life. It was only in the beginning of December that I started doing Pranic Healing treatments on him (for his emotions and immune system and not even specifically for the bump) that changes to the bump started to occur. The treatments were done once per week and each week the bump substantially improved, by getting smaller in size and drying out. By the 4th week, it was completely flat with only the scab left to heal (see image for January 3rd). By the end of the 5th week, the scab had completely fallen off.