Meditation on Twin Hearts










***Please note that the last session was in November. If you would like to find more Meditation on Twin Hearts groups in your local area, please visit***

Join me for monthly meditation sessions in Windsor, Berkshire. These sessions are free to all adults – whether you are a regular meditator or a newbie – please come and enjoy a relaxing start to your day.

The Meditation on Twin Hearts was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui to help flush out negative thoughts and emotions that congest our mind and body every day. It is practised in over 126 countries around the world and the testimonials of personal healing and positive life transformation have been incredible.

This flushing and cleansing effect results in better physical, emotional and mental health, which provides benefits of:

  • Being Happier, Calmer and More Peace
  • Increased Focus and Clarity of Mind
  • Enhanced Memory Recall
  • Increased Gamma Wave Activity
For more information on the Meditation on Twin Hearts, along with my own personal experience with this (from being a complete non-meditator), read my blog and how I completed a 30-day challenge that left me feeling nothing short of incredible!

The Meditation session is facilitated by Corryne Maclean from Aquarian Yoga. After the session there will be free taster healing treatments from her and myself, so come along for a wonderful ‘relax and rejuvenate’ session!

For more information on Corryne’s work, visit

Address: Yoga For Harmony, 143a Arthur Road, Windsor SL4 1RU

Every 1st Sunday of each month from 6:30 am to 7:30 am

Fee: No charge, with all donations welcome to support MCKS Charitable Foundation