Gift Vouchers

Pūr Energy Life - Gift Vouchers


Now you can give the gift of a full energy healing treatment to a friend or loved one who needs it!


If you know someone who needs a boost, or even has a health issue that needs some attention, why not introduce them to the Pūr Energy Life healing treatments, either in-person or distantly via Zoom or Skype. The treatments are extremely effective for all types of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • physical aches/pains, injuries, allergies, back pain, headaches
  • chronic or severe conditions related to the respiratory system
  • gastronomical ailments
  • skeletal and muscular disorders
  • eyes, ears and throat conditions
  • endocrine ailments, blood disorders, skin conditions and many more.
Basically, treatments are on the energetic levels and therefore are able to help with many types of problems that occurs in the body, from common problems all the way to severe and chronic conditions. 
Many conditions are also caused by long-term stress and other chronic emotions that can result in physical and mental illness, and so treatments can also help with emotional and mental wellbeing. These issues can range from extreme anxiety, fears, traumas, anger, depression, phobias and even addictions.

To send a priceless gift and to show someone you care, you can now purchase a Pūr Energy Life gift voucher for yourself, a friend, a family member or a loved one. You can choose the denomination of your choice, starting from the value of a single treatment. If you have any questions with regards to my bundle discounts, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to chat to you about these too! Gift vouchers can be emailed to the recipient, or you can even choose to have this sent to them by post. Although I will post this out within 2 days of receipt, please note that posting time will vary depending on your country and whether this is overseas (in which case the electronic version may be better if you’re time constrained).